What is a modular house?

It is a low-energy house made of KHV glued beads. The houses are fit to live in all year round and they are fully acceptable for certification. No need to worry. You don’t even need a building permit, you only have to fill in a building notification. 

The main advantages of modular houses are the fast construction – it takes about a month to make a modular house – the low price and minimum worries for you. The houses are constructed using drywall (Fermacell), high quality three-layer oak flooring, white wall paint, electric heaters, sliding sleeves and an exterior facade made of larch (rhombus). The modern and practical design is so natural. 

Houses can also be made without a baseplate, using a ground screw system instead. A person can have a limitless number of fantasies about the perfect house, therefore you can choose from different house shapes and sizes or the number of floors and customize it according to your wishes. We will deliver your dream house to your desired location. From the beginning to the end we use only premium quality materials. 

Even if you already have a brick house, you don’t have to settle for it. One of the great benefits of modular construction is that it can be used as an extension to existing buildings. 

Since we try to make every dream come true, we can also help you if you wish to live on the water because we have recently started to manufacture boathouses as well!