Modular houses are constructed with solid KHV beads that make the house mobile.

The longevity of modular houses can be compared to site-built constructions. You don’t have to worry about termite and pest damage since the whole construction is protected against wood damaging insects. It is also classified in the A1 fireproof category, thanks to its quality materials. 

The exterior facade is made of larch rhombus that is preserved with Kreidezeit BIOS – Super that also protects the wood from UV light. The longevity of our modular houses is at least 50 years without any further need of preservatives. If, however, the Kreidzeit BIOS – Super is used repeatedly at a certain interval (approximately every 2-3 years) the longevity will be extended even further with the added benefit of keeping the paint bright.

Technical information

HOUSE WIDTH: According to each module, most often 4.2 m – 4.5 m 
HOUSE LENGTH: According to each module, most often 10 m – 15 m
HOUSE WEIGHT: according to each type
NUMBER OF ROOMS:  1 room + kitchenette up to 3 rooms + kitchenette, hall, bathroom
WATER SUPPLY: DN 25 mm according to Decree No. 428/2001 Coll. 
SEPTIC SYSTEM: DN 150 mm according to ČSN 75 6010
ELECTRICITY: circuit breaker 25A or 35A (depends on electrical device)Možnosti usazení

Options for installing

The houses are installed with concrete footings. The number of required footings is calculated according to each house design. The number of footings usually corresponds to the length of a module (15 concrete footings need to be used for modular house in the size 15 x 4.2 m). 

Footings are installed at a freeze-resistant depth (around 1 meter, depending on the type of soil). We recommend putting some kind of nonwoven textile between each footing to prevent grass and weeds from growing. 

The ground screws system, which is the ideal way. Screw assembly takes only a few hours, which is much faster than installation using concrete footings.

 More information

Surface and composition

Modřínový rhombus z evropského modřínu (také možnost sibiřského modřínu nebo například cedru)
PUR panel v barvě antracit
Klasická točená omítka
Skladba obvodové stěny otevřené
Skladba obvodové stěny uzavřené
Skladba podlahy
Skladba střechy
Skladba vnitřní příčky